Should You Use Pay Per Click If You Rank On Page 1 of Google?

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This is a common question we get here at Dr. PayPerClick, and it’s a great one. First of all, congratulations on ranking on the first page of Google for organic search terms. That’s no easy feat and requires quite a bit of dedication and persistence. While the value of ranking highly in the organic listings can’t be overstated, it’s not the whole story. To answer the question, let’s address something even more fundamental: why should a business use AdWords at all?

The Value of AdWords

The first point to consider is that AdWords, and pay per click advertising in general, are an instantaneous form of marketing Once you turn it on, it’s running and you can start collecting data right away. Notice I said data, not visitors.

The value of the data you collect from pay per click advertising is that it tells you something about the psychology of your audience. If you’ve been careful in crafting your ad copy, then you can make some reasonable assumptions about what’s going on in the mind of your audience.  This helps you tailor your marketing message and your sales process to the buyer psychology, which can dramatically speed up your sales cycle. This means more money in your pocket, more often. I call that a win.

The fact that it’s instantaneous also allows a business to do some quick testing. It’s not uncommon that you, the business owner, may be trying to decide between alternate paths for your business. You are considering expanding your business by offering a new product or service, and you have a few options. Since you aren’t made of money, you can only afford to choose one of them. What to do? Guess?

With pay per click advertising you can quickly figure out which product or service has the most demand, which allows you to make a better decision. To do this, you set up a campaign for each product or service and create separate landing pages with a double opt in (meaning the visitor has to jump through a couple hoops). This lets you know they were serious about your offer and not merely curious. By spending a few hundred dollars on ads you can potentially avoid pursuing a product or service that is going to flop, which can cost many thousands of dollars.

AdWords vs. SEO

Circling back to the original question, should you use AdWords if you rank highly in the organic listings? I would argue yes, and it’s not just my bias. Given that changes to your SEO campaign take months to reflect themselves in the organic rankings, relying on it to help you decide on new paths for your business, or uncover new information about your audience is going to be a losing proposition.

One other point worth mentioning is that the two are not mutually exclusive. If you are trying to decide on which set of keywords to pursue in your SEO campaign, a quick and dirty AdWords campaign can help you decide which are going to be the most profitable. This saves you the time and expense of realizing that you targeted a set of keywords that won’t make money, and then you have to start all over again.


To sum it all up, yes using pay per click advertising even when you rank highly in Google is a good idea. It allows you to

  1. Do quick research into the psychology of your target audience
  2. Quickly test the viability of new products or services
  3. Augment your SEO campaigns by identifying profitable keywords

I hope this was helpful. Should you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

If you’d like help with any of the strategies I’ve outlined here, please contact me! I’d be happy to help.

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