We Are Dr. PayPerClick

With backgrounds in physics, semiconductor manufacturing, and data science, we are bringing AdWords management out of the dark ages.


Who we are.

With a laser focus on all things AdWords, we are what you get when you cross pollinate digital marketing with a background in data science and high volume manufacturing.


Data Nerd in Chief


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Have you had the sinking feeling that you're wasting tens of thousands on ads?

We solve that.

We can take a deep dive into your account to figure out where you're losing money so that you can get your account back on track. When we're done, you take over.


Have you ever wondered where to go next with AdWords?

We solve that.

We leverage Lean principles to help your team chart a course for a future full of profit and free of waste.


Have a small team and don't have the resources to implement the Lean AdWords system yourselves?

We've got you covered. We're happy to hop into the driver's seat.

We provide managed AdWords service on a month to month basis.


Have a solid team in place and just want to brush up their skills?

We can help.

We can provide comprehensive training in Lean principles so that your team can put them to use for you.

The Three Pillars of The Lean AdWords System

1 The waste of inventory: in manufacturing, it is enormously costly to hold excess inventory. The analogy for AdWords is the inventory of keywords in the account. Our analysis has shown that the majority of the conversions are driven by only a handful of the keywords. The rest are sitting inventory, draining money from the account each and every second. The Lean AdWords System involves identifying and eliminating the waste of inventory, so that resources can be devoted to the more productive inventory.

2 The waste of movement: in manufacturing, nonproductive busy work is a sin. In AdWords, the analogous quantity is the quantity of changes that are made without a clear and definite numerical outcome in mind. Our research has shown that frequent changes in accounts result in wild variations in key performance indicators, resulting in unpredictability of the bottom line for the business. This often becomes a vicious cycle that can only be broken by discipline and adherence to Lean principles.

3 The waste of over processing: in manufacturing, the work in progress (WIP) should only be touched as many times as necessary. The more operations performed on the WIP, the higher the chance that something goes wrong. Moreover, it's a waste of personnel time and working capital. Of course, the AdWords analogy is account changes not made in accordance to predefined rules. We have discovered that when account managers don't stick to predefined rules, they have a tendency to change ad copy, bids, or other parameters far too often. This results in wasted time and money.