We are Dr. PayPerClick.
The creators of the Lean AdWords System.

We Help eCommerce Businesses Save Tens Of Thousands By Avoiding The Deadly Wastes of AdWords.

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We perform an audit of your account to uncover the waste. You implement our suggestions at your leisure.


Navigating the AdWords parameter space can be difficult. We’ll help you chart your course to account optimization.


Like our system but don’t want to implement it yourself? No problem. We’ll do the heavy lifting.


We can teach you how to use the Lean AdWords system to manage your own AdWords account.

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About The Lean AdWords System

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    Derived From The Scientific Method

    We are nerds with a passion for science. It’s what inspired the Lean AdWords System.

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    Manufacturing Inspired

    The system is modeled after the methodology used by manufacturing juggernauts.

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    Adapted For eCommerce

    We’ve kept what works for eCommerce businesses and tossed the rest. To stay Lean.

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